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My Story:

I guess I’ve struggled with weight, eating choices & fitness regimes since my late teens.
Sometimes it’s all been good & sometimes so bad that I don’t recognise the person looking back at me in the mirror.

It’s funny how sometimes you can get it so right & works so well, with other times you being so confused about the right choices.

In the past 5-6 years I increased my fitness as I thought that was the key, to only find I was putting on weight as I wasn’t eating enough!
That made me look at what food I was putting into my body.
I went on a eating plan & had great success & felt the best I had in a long time.
Then holidays overseas hit & moving in with a new partner.
I relaxed too much & put a little back on & started not feeling as good.
From there weight has fluctuated within a 5kg zone which is ok.
In the last 2 -3 years I have been so flat out training for fitness events plus eating well that have had me feeling at my optimal peak.

Life tends to come in there too with a pop up family & new stresses.
Trying to run around & be everything to everyone has you feeling pretty stressed by the end of the day & just flat out drained.

Late last year I joined an online sales business with regards to health called InnerOrigin which is all about truth & transparency on labelling & making sure that what consumers are ordering is what they think they are ordering plus them trusting that it is from a safe/screened platform.

My joining this & hearing people talk on the background & the structure of the company made me look to myself & what I wanted to do for me to the future.  I decided I wanted to do nutrition, at first I didn’t think it would be for health coaching.  However I started to talk to other people that had had some online learning with nutrition & gained information about why they chose their particular learning schools etc.  One school really resonated with me from my discussions was The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, it resonated due to it being more about holistic wellness.

Holistic in that its more than just the food that we eat for wellness to occur but true wellness comes from being well in all of the areas in our life. This being relationships, work, spirituality, exercise, food & more.  When a person has worked on all these area’s and is truly content in all forms of their life they experience true wellness but also a truly congruent / authentic life.  I believe when this happens you will have all the abundance that you / we all deserve.

I look forward to on-sharing my transformation in health plus life – in hopes of helping others.
This lifestyle thing takes some constant attention but really doesn’t have to be hard work.


Next Steps…

That’s where I come in –
If you want to have some guidance, support & accountability from someone who knows exactly what it is like to manage family, work & try to have some me time get in contact & let’s organise a free health assessment.

My number 1 goal with this site:

Is to help people feel good within their own skin, to know your bio-individual needs will be heard, that you are good enough.

Information sharing on Health & Wellness & you can also enjoy the information within the blogs.
If there is ever anything you want me to cover in a blog let me know via the contact details below.

There will be events from time to time, like my upcoming Regeneration Retreat in Feb 2018.
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Thanks for letting me be a positive influence – In Wellness, Jacqui

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