Are you confused?

  How is labelling on food, skincare & supplements gone so wrong?


How are we always scratching our heads to know what is good for us & what isn’t? or even that its not a counterfeit product?

Why is it possible that skincare that we apply straight to our bodies is allowed to have damaging chemicals in them?

Supplements that are meant to be there as a back up for what were not receiving is ok to have fillers in them to bulk them out & stop the vitamin that was there to help us to work?

I’m not sure if you are like me and don’t understand how its possible to have these on the market if not so good for us…..

How I found out it works though is that is sold till proven to be wrong – um what? How is this even remotely ok?

I’m so against most products now and just so sick of being lied to, have changed my whole house to suit as a result.

Would love to hear what your thoughts on this?

In Health & Wellness – Jacqui

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