Which diet is a difficult task….

This whole eating thing is just a bit too confusing –

  • Which diet is right
  • What is best for me
  • How do I know how to decipher what I hear & what I read
  • There is too much confusion surrounding everything eating & food wise

How do you work your way through that & determine what is best for you to do? Upon googling this right now I get a tonne of quizzes etc come up but I wouldn’t personally rate any of them with being a correct guide – when the food pyramid is wrong how can you then trust a post? This picture is more accurate than we would think.

The blood type diets seem more accurate than I thought they would be – which is interesting.  Paleo, Ketosis, Raw, Atkins, Fasting, Juicing, Dukan, Master Cleanse are all based on a bit more substance than ones say like the cabbage soup diet, watermelon diet, grapefruit diet etc – The latter being more crash diets.

The one thing I know & I am learning through my course is that one of these might be right for me but it may not be right for the person next to me.  Working out what it is that works for you takes us generally a while because when we are younger we are generally not thinking about it or caring.  We may start to get interested in how our body works in our 30’s but more towards the higher 30’s I think. I was in my 40’s when I became more in tune with my body & what I think works for me & I’m still trying to figure it out.

Then there is our body – It can be simpler than you think, your body is quite clever it can give you hints as to what it needs.When you receive a craving it is your body telling you what it needs.  Now you don’t have to eat the french fries but you could have something else that might have some carbohydrates in it which can tame the urge.  Same principle applies to other cravings.

Here is a 3 steps to a correct diet path:

  1. Change your portion sizes to have much more vegetables than protein on your meal plates (about 2 cups worth of veg)
  2. Eliminate processed foods & eat wholefoods – these look like a vegetable or a piece of meat to start with not a box
  3. Drink 2 litres of water a day & get 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 days a week.

The real part is that through trial & error you will work out what works for you & what does not.  It wont be the same for everyone, so if a diet worked for someone you know it may not work for you & that comes down to your own bio-individuality.

Thanks for reading, see you next time & drop me a comment if you like 🙂

Love & Wellness, Jacqui


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