Cleaning up the your world

Cleaning up your world, less chemicals – a path to better health

Since the start of this year I have been on a mission to clean up our house, to eliminate all the chemicals & nasties.

It hasn’t been a cheap exercise by any means & taken me a good few months to get around to getting everything sourced plus in place.

There are a lot of items that come from many places and that keeps you on your toes but regardless of expense or energy needed to keep up I cannot recommend doing this process enough.  There is so much to share about the effects of these products which could keep me typing forever, in time I will slowly release all this information so that it is available – I certainly do not want to keep it too myself as everyone needs to know but more that its a lot to take in all at once so filtering it through will be best.

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Chemical toxicity is stored in your body, it is shared to children in childbirth, it effects your health and can be quite a major player in all the main diseases that are around at the moment.  It is not always gene related or would have happened anyway, don’t be fooled with this.

The way to change your household over is just slowly at the rate you can afford, do a few things at a time.  I would start with items that are ingested or used in mouth, underarms or private areas – chemicals used on these area’s are 100% absorbed by the body.  This is scary so please make yourself familiar with what you are using and what it contains.  there are apps that can help: Chemical maze (has a $$ value but well worth it), for bathroom products there is an app Think Dirty Shop Clean, also there is an EWG register.  Chemical maze allows you to research products in your ingredient lists and find out if they are good to use or not and what they do to you (good to check something that you might be considering is effecting you).

The main thing is to be aware of is that products that are released do not have to be proven that they are good before they are sold, and can be sold until proven bad.  You cannot trust the label there are all sorts of claims made that are untrue.  I don’t want my family or myself exposed to anymore of this – I hope that everyone can see past the expense of a bit of re-buying to put true health first.  Its amazing how you will feel without all this unnecessary chemical exposure in your life.

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