Getting healthy – its a simple addition


We all have far too much stress than we were built to deal with.

We don’t take enough time to nurture ourselves & refresh.

We are trying to fit so much into our days, our weeks & our lives that we forget to take time for ourselves.

Rectifying it can be more simpler than we think:

  • Exercise – this can be a 30-60 min walk start with once a week & see how you go.  The endorphins that you will get from doing this will promote you wanting to more often & it will also make your day better, relieve a bit of stress, make you want to eat better – there is so much good that can come from a free thing.
  • Body brushing / loofah – this is very quick & straight before a shower it will help exfoliate you for better & smoother skin but will also help you feel better, more relaxed & make your skin feel brilliant – best to brush towards your heart no matter which direction you are going up or down (start with feet upwards). The more you do this the harder you can brush or loofah as you go.
  • Cold water at end of Shower – this makes you feel really alive, its does take a bit of getting used to.  It helps lower your body temperature, increases alertness, tightens pores which will prevent getting clogged & also seals the pores to prevent dirt getting in, improves immunity & circulation by the blood circulating which leads the arteries to pump blood more efficiently, stimulates weight loss by generating heat when brown fat gets cold (we have two types of fat white from calories & brown fat which is the good one), speeds up muscle recovery, eases stress & relieves depression (anti depressant effect).
  • Meditation – even just 5 minutes of laying flat listening to some yoga or mediation music & being present with your thoughts, not to obsess about them but to know they are there & deal with them in a way that is relaxing, builds compassion, love, patience, generosity & forgiveness.  It is time just to lay & not deal with external stresses just taking time for you for a short while which can build to being longer if it is something you enjoy.
  • Massage – relieve some tension & go have a relaxing massage, facial, manicure or pedicure.  Some time on you for you.
  • Complete something that you have been wanting to finish & you have just not gotten to, it will empower you & make you feel so good about yourself.  You will wonder why you didn’t complete it earlier & give you an energy to complete more things.
  • Write a morning journal about all you feel first thing in the morning.  Wake up 30 mins earlier & jot items down that are annoying you or stressing you etc.  It doesn’t have to be well written but written to remove from your brain & it will help you alleviate stress.  Doing it just after waking up before your ego wakes up too much is the key as then it comes straight from you without compromise.
  • Find a little note pad & write a few things that you did to help someone or some good things you did each day can really turn your thoughts around about yourself  & the bad speak that goes on in our brain all the time that we don’t even recognise.  Catch it before you start to believe it.

Thanks for reading today, Hope you enjoyed it & if you did share with a friend who you think could benefit too 🙂

Cheers, Jacqui

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    1. Hi there, sorry for the delay in responding.
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