My Path to here – my Announcement, my why – and what this means to you

During the week I released on my Facebook group/page that I can now work on Health Coaching with clients, which is something I have been working towards for the first part of the year.

Late last year I joined an online sales business with regards to health called InnerOrigin which is all about truth & transparency on labelling & making sure that what consumers are ordering is what they think they are ordering plus them trusting that it is from a safe/screened platform.

My joining this & hearing people talk on the background & the structure of the company made me look to myself & what I wanted to do for me to the future.  I decided I wanted to do nutrition, at first I didn’t think it would be for health coaching  However I started to talk to other people that had had some online learning with nutrition & gained information about why they chose their particular learning schools etc.  One place really resonated with me from my discussions at it was at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition it resonated due to it being more about holistic wellness.

Holistic in that its more than just the food that we eat for wellness to occur but true wellness comes from being well in all of the areas in our life. This being relationships, work, spirituality, exercise, food & more.  When a person has worked on all these area’s and is truly content in all forms of their life they experience true wellness but also truly congruent / authentic life.  When this happen you will have all the abundance that you / we all deserve.

So with the Health Coaching, this allowed me to look into myself & know that this is truly a way that I felt I could help other people in a greater way than I could ever before.  I’ve always been into food as an ex-hospitality worker & would always be sharing food pics etc, so for me this is just a progression on from that but to be really able to help people through whatever part of their life they have a goal to rectify.

With our learning we go through all types of diet regimes, try them out & have experiences with them. This is so we can gain better personal knowledge for all types of diets that a potential client might have and also understand how confused they can be by it all.  We also do a lot of personal learning – a lot of delving into ourselves & working on our relationships, work, spirituality, exercise, food etc so we can come both from a place of experience but also a place of understanding.

My health coaching starts by conducting a Health History assessment with potential clients which is a filled in form (by them prior to session).  Then us going through the filled in answers in a safe and supportive environment.  The HH session time allows for both sides to see if this is a good fit for them and also to form a bond / a conducive relationship.  From there if its a good fit for both parties there is a 6 month program of meeting every fortnight to work through goals /. celebrate achievements with accountability, support and guidance to whole way.

Why is a health coach better than a nutritionist, doctor or other health practitioner?  All other professions don’t have the guidance & accountability for the client.  You can go to any of those and they can tell you what to eat but not help you through being able to action that into your life.  Doctor can prescribe you something but doesn’t work on why it is happening in the first place.  They seem to not be a total coverage of what a person needs to work properly on themselves in order to create sustainable change.  I offer support even between the fortnightly consultations so that a client doesn’t feel left totally to it by themselves if they feel stuck or need to ask a question – without having to schedule another appointment to do so.

I feel excited to be able to bring all I know and have learnt to anyone out there that feels they need some support to reach their goals. The really great thing about this style is that it can be an in person thing or can be done over the phone / skype / messenger etc so the reach is not limited to anywhere specifically.

If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in contact. I’m available on Facebook through Wellness Lifestyle with Jacqui – there is a page & a group, also by emailing

In Wellness, Jacqui

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