Only a mother’s love..

All disease starts in the gut, wow, I have heard this statement a multitude of times but only recently have had it expanded on how really true I believe this really is.

When we are born we are naturally given all the toxins out of our mothers body, so we inherit a multitude of impurities & toxic items before we even have a chance to make any choices (not that we can for a while anyway).  Natural for a woman’s body to use the birth of a child to detoxify by passing on anything that there was to that child.  Think about the multitude of that for a moment……

Natural births are the only way to get passed on Micro biome from our mothers, so having C sections remove this highly important immunity booster.  The medical profession makes more from C-sections so they are pushed these days more than a natural birth is (not saying those that need it shouldn’t). Everything comes back to the Dollar $.

Now think about this day & age with all the chemicals in food, skincare, supplements, our environments etc etc what this could substantiate to.  Then think about how we feel that in more recent years the amount of sickness in children is worsening. Disease everywhere is worsening. The only things that are changing are our environments, the products both food & skincare in the way they are grown or made.  Reducing costs, driving down the quality of the products used or the necessity for it to be modified to keep up with demand.

I am now more knowledgeable in what this is costing us as a race, as humans that don’t realise what the bigger picture is – mostly as it gets kept quiet.  Its not a secret but if we don’t share it then no-one will be any wiser. It upsets me that I can make my mid 40’s & only be finding out so much more about this now, these are things we should all know. Isn’t it our right to know?  No its only our right to keep making people or corporations wealthy off the rubbish they supply, that we purchase because of non-education thinking we are doing ok.

What a horribly viscous circle, I cannot do that process anymore it is based on an illness industry & I’m so glad that there seems to be more people that are also aligning.  I see it in my business, in my Facebook Group & get togethers that I’ve had.  One by one we need to make a change for our race, the human race.  This isn’t how we were meant to evolve with foods etc like this, we need to step back not be so busy all the time & make the time for our health / our & our children’s lives.  This in turn will ensure that when our children go forth and multiply that they will not be passing on a whole heap of extremities.  I am extremely lucky I had a very healthy mum when she was pregnant with me and in turn I’ve been a very healthy person.  I can though see it all around me and I just do not want that for people.

I’m taking this very seriously and will continue to, as I feel as I have to help whoever I can understand what I now know too.

I’m delighted to be taking back control for myself, my family.  I’m hoping it will keep being infectious, the Ripple effect 🙂

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