Sleep deprivation – some tips to get past Insomnia

The more I learn about sleep, the more it’s continued to remind me the absolute importance of it.
Not just the quantity, but also the quality of sleep. Sleep is a huge problem and it’s getting worse.

With kids it’s such a challenging issue, but for most of us it’s going back to control what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

If you want great energy during the day, you need to learn to slow down and how to release at night.

You can control what I put into my body before I sleep. Realise that this doesn’t just mean food, but your body and mind also absorbs light and information. You can choose to wind down, to read a book instead of watching the news on television or scrolling Facebook feeds before bed.

You can control what time I go to bed.
Our body gets its second wind at 10pm, in order to not go into the second wind phase you need to be horizontal by this time.
Sleep has 3 stages: deep sleep for 1st third, REM in middle (rapid eye movement) which also connects to rhythms & last third is dream sleep.
This area is where a lot of people fall short of with waking early etc. Dream sleep is as important as any other area of sleep for our bodies.

It is said that those that run at a higher body temperature have trouble sleeping.
Our bodies warm & cool like nature does – so we run hotter during the day & are supposed to cool down at night. This cooling down allows us to sleep & sleep properly & if you don’t get that you will be a poorer sleeper. Try and live a ‘cool’ non-inflammatory lifestyle.

You can control your perception on sleep deprivation.
You can choose to focus on it or you can choose to focus on how grateful you are to I have other things such as family or health or whatever this is for you.

Have a beautiful day – In wellness, Jacqui x

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